Thursday, 11 January 2018

Mainly East Tanfield

Clive & Peter planning details of Horden's drain cock linkage
Clive filing flats for the operating arms
Jim discussing details of Horden's new clack with Peter
Malcolm cleaning running plate prior to painting
Geoff manning Causey Crossing gates for the works train
At East Tanfield, Dave slinging rails for Ian to move out of the way
Geoff trying to get to grips with a rotten timber
Dave & Ian removing a mix of timbers .....
..... to be taken from the area on the dumper
Geoff gripping another timber .....
..... & getting out of the way of another
With the timbers out of the way, Ian removes the ballast .....
.... which Dave takes .....
..... to another part of the site
Looking along the bay road
..... With the crossing in place relative to the diamond,
we can start to envisage the road into the new carriage shed
Setting the check rail for the crossing roughly in place
Placing a few timbers for the crossing
To hold the alignment, Dave fishplates the diamond to the crossing

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