Did you know? In 1886 Durham coal owners forced the NER to give them a direct route to the Tyne at Dunston, avoiding the bottleneck at Tyne Dock.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Another Sunday

Ben, Matthew & Logan cleaning No.2 ready for work
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Richard helping to clear access so that .....
..... Horden's cab can be moved .....
,,,,, into the shot blast bay
Jim making special nuts for point drives
Steve caught oiling No.2
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Buffering up
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Matthew & Euan chat by No.2 as they wait at Causey .....
..... for trainee David to show the flag
Matthew checks back on the way down Causey West Incline
Tommy & Martin inspecting the carriage shed
Ian working on stretchers at East Tanfield
David checking forward to Bobby at Causey Crossing
David being trained by Euan the guard
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Steve fires with Henry on the controls approaching Marley Hill signalbox
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Chris & Peter discussing Horden's vacuum pipe runs
Callum, Ben & Peter discussing vacuum pipe clamps for Horden
Oliver, Alex & Tyler cleaning a bit of the shed floor
I'm checking Vic's equipment & job
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Tommy & Stuart working on woodwork shed doors
Chris & Steve bringing No.2 on shed at the end of the day

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