Thursday, 5 April 2018

More Blockwork

Trevor & Rob clearing the strip foundation
Colin & Geoff mixing mortar
Dave blocking up -----
..... a corner - a wall remains to built at the buffer stop
Trevor laying a block .....
..... & laying more with Rob
Geoff & Dave filling another 6m bay
Trevor & Rob completing another
Bait time
Colin making another batch
Dave working under an access doorway
Rob & Dave laying
Colin & Geoff with a batch of mortar to be used for filling gaps
At Marley Hill, David paints the woodwork shed doors
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)


Unknown said...

"Dave working under an access doorway"

Will all of that be filled in up to what looks like the doorway?

Derek said...

Yes, filled in full length of one 48m side and the rear wall (containing the other access door) of the building, with a platform on the inside between the access doors.