Did you know? In 1886 Durham coal owners forced the NER to give them a direct route to the Tyne at Dunston, avoiding the bottleneck at Tyne Dock.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sunday's Best

David & Logan cleaning HL No.2 this morning
Tom & Matthew watching No.2 leave Marley Hill with the empty stock .....
..... & move the other No.2 back to Marley Hill shed
Antony looking back .....
...... for the green flag from David
In Marley Hill carriage shed, two French folk chat with Noel from Sunniside History Society about Crowley's ironworks 
Ian & Steve working on the attachment to the pulley block of the TDE crane
The old eye being cut off
A new wedge & forged housing being fitted
A test weight being successfully applied
Tom cleaning the pit under Cochrane
Angela disconnecting the rear sander linkage for better access
During a washout of Cochrane's boiler, which is being readied for annual inspection,
Logan cleaning solids from the rear of the foundation ring
Angela cleaning via the front washout plug holes
Chris & Tom threading pipe for Horden
Mark & Callum working on van 111
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)

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