Thursday, 29 November 2018

At Marley Hill Today

Horden's boiler being loaded by Ian with our ex-TDE crane (Smith 24065 of 1956) .....
..... onto a Webster's waggon
Ian loading the new front tubeplate ......
..... which the driver straps down
(the same driver brought waggons from Derwenthaugh coke works to TR)
Ready for the trip to Newton's in Derbyshire
Jim machining a boss .....
..... which is part of the set for HC 38's brake hangers
Brian trimming a patch for Horden's tank
Peter, Brian & Malcolm final test fitting the dome sleeve through the overlay patch
Colin & Geoff repairing a door
Peter checking the chimney hole in Horden's tank
Colin clearing debris from the tank .....
..... assisted by Geoff
Test fitting the chimney sleeve
A few adjustments
Geoff & Colin on light work in MH shed

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