Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Wednesday at Tanfield, Mainly

Brian working on the Tangye at Marley Hill
Steve, Geoff & Kevin working on the sleeper wall of Tanfield
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
Trevor & James mixing a small batch of concrete
(photo courtesy of Nigel Wheeler)
George laying concrete around a leg of the water tower
Dave working on the other side
Ian lowering another sleeper in the wall
Geoff sorting sleepers
Packing a layer of sand at the sleeper bases
Filling in
Trevor, James, George & Dave clearing the gap between track panels
Dave & George slinging a CS1 .....
..... which Ian transports .....
..... & George guides into position in the gap
A couple of short lengths of rail being delivered .....
..... & lifted into the chairs
Nigel, Dave & James barring the panel into place
Fishplating to join the headshunt back to the bay

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