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Friday, 31 January 2014

Other Interests

Many volunteers have interests beyond Tanfield Railway.   Bob Hedley goes back to the era of horse drawn waggonways as a member of the Sealed Knot, reenacting Civil War battles as a musketeer in the Royalist northern army of the Marquis of Newcastle.   In the video clip below he is wearing a light shirt and blue bonnet (of Scots and northern English regiments).

Bob's in the blue bonnet 

The clip is from one of several on YouTube covering the Battle of Nantwich on 25 January 1644, reenacted January 2014.

The coal trade and the Civil War, in which north east waggonways have their roots, meet again at tomorrow's Newcastle - Sunderland derby.

Incidentally, Bob previously starred in a TV video at Tanfield - see the Blog post of 28 October 2013 - We're on the Telly Tonight.

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