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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Around Tanfield

Phil chatting to Cochrane's crew at Andrews House
Dave the guard
Cochrane entering the bay at Causey .....
..... to allow Angela to bring in AW No.2 .....
..... to take the train into the headshunt
David releasing Cochrane form the bay; Henry coupling Cochrane to the train

Angela checking the cross level, Ian jacking to
reduce the cant, Dave supervising
Agela & John packing ballast to maintain the reduced cant
Angela, John & Ian packing
Cochrane on the last train today approaching Sunniside
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
Steve, Henry & David arrive at Causey on Cochrane
Dave & Angela keep an eye out as they draw
forward into the headshunt
Cochrane backing onto the train
(photo courtesy of John Colquhoun)
Angela on AW No.2 from the
guards van of the last train
Callum fitting split pins on HL No.2's slide bars
Tommy, Mark, Stuart & David handling the new oak end frame for the Lambton brake van;
Stuart drilling the headstock to bolt frame members together.

Bobby building up a buffer plate with weld