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Monday, 6 January 2014

Sunday Shots

The photos below were taken on Sunday 5/1/14, and are courtesy of Henry Elliott (HE) and Ken Snowdon (KS)
Tom takes HL No.2 off
Marley Hill shed (KS)
Through Gibraltar Bridge and a 200mm lens ..... (HE)
..... and pulled in further (KS)
(See Ken & Henry in Sunday's post)
Heading for Sunniside past the signalbox (HE)
Passing Bowes Bridge on a sunny morning (HE)
Over the 1725 Causey embankment & culvert (KS)
(causey = causeway = embankment)

A bonus shot from a different angle from the past from Dave Hewitt:
No.49 at Causey, showing the Tanfield Waggonway
route over the 1725 Causey Arch (photo 
Dave Hewitt)

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