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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

East Tanfield Bay

Nigel & Geoff moving a half ton rail
Geoff turning a rail into the chairs
A group keying session
Bill fishplating, assisted by Dave's other foot
Turning a 60' rail into the chairs .....
..... and another
Baitin' at the side of the bay
l-r Cameron, Dennis, Geoff, Dave, Bill, Steve, Nigel & Bob
Cameron & Dennis keying
Geoff & Dave's foot fishplating
Dropping in the furthest two rails, nearest the buffer stop

Nigel cutting a closure rail
Turning in the last couple of rails - but drilling, plating, aligning and all ballasting to do
We are looking for more volunteers for this type of work - apply directly

Back at Marley Hill, Steve has largely machined
Twizell's replacement regulator slide valve