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Monday, 2 May 2016

May Day

Matthew flagging empty stock around Marley Hill curve .....
..... propelled by David on AW No.2
Cochrane & HL No.2 wait with their trains at Andrews House
In the workshop, Peter measuring Horden's bearings .....
(photo courtesy of Andrew Smith)
..... & Richard & Ben setting up an axlebox for machining
(photo courtesy of Andrew Smith)
I'm shovelling coal into No.2's bunker
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Antony coupling up at Andrews House.....
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
..... & running No.2 round its train at Sunniside
No.2 crewed by Antony & me, entering Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Matthew Pickering)
Guards' May Day dance
Frank tending Andrews House east garden
A family having tea in the directors' saloon
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Tom & Chris in contemplation beside their loco
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Antony operating the ground frame at East Tanfield .....
..... & being greeted by a more animated Cochrane crew
Antony picking up the token from Chris while returning the empty stock
Emptying the firebox outside of Marley \hill shed
Kyle adding a film of oil to reduce tarnishing

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