Did you know? Tanfield Waggonway was 4' gauge; Hawks Waggonway (Gateshead) 4'3"; Wylam Waggonway used 5' gauge; Willington Waggonway 4'8", hence Killingworth Waggonway 4'8" & from there the Stephensons' influence spread to Hetton, the S&DR, the L&MR, across Britain & the world.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Steve offering the token while propelling empty stock past the signalbox
Shunter Matthew with AW No.2 in the headshunt ......
..... & offering the token while propelling past the box
Angela & Matthew on AW No.2
Steve & Kyle on HL No.2
Peter guarding his train
Dennis & Cameron decorating the North Pole .....

 ..... with Logan assisting
Larry in the canteen
Chris serving tea at Andrews House
Bobby working on carriage No.2
Kyle & Jonny watering No.2
No.2 passes under Gibraltar Bridge .....
..... with Jonny on the regulator .....
...... exchanging tokens with me on return
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Ben cleaning Twizell's boiler fittings
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Barry Higgott said...

It's good to see the Armstrong gracing these pages so often. I did quite a bit of work on her during the early days of her restoration together with a lad from Morpeth. Happy days.