Did you know? Tanfield Waggonway was 4' gauge; Hawks Waggonway (Gateshead) 4'3"; Wylam Waggonway used 5' gauge; Willington Waggonway 4'8", hence Killingworth Waggonway 4'8" & from there the Stephensons' influence spread to Hetton, the S&DR, the L&MR, across Britain & the world.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wednesday at Marley Hill

Post & photos by David Reed

Steve clearing a drain
Angela & Antony working on Twizell's fire hole door
Angela also has a fire in No.2
(photo DS)
Nigel and Bob emptying the pipe waggon of salvaged materials
Dave cutting a section of counter top for East Tanfield, under close supervision
Bob, Dave & Nigel making trestles ......
(photo DS)
..... which Bob & Dave fasten together, to form a base on which to construct a crossing gate .....
(photo DS)
..... with Derek photographing their work
Antony disposing of his warming fire he has had in Twizell .....
..... cleaning up the cab
(photo DS)
..... & leaving David to clear the ashpan
(photo DS)
A new display board for East Tanfield station (artwork by Eric Maxwell)
(photo DS)

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