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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Chapman & Furneaux Locomotives +

The photos below have been copied from the web or scanned; copyright remains with the respective owners & publishers.

On the NRM blog there's an article about the end of GEC traction and its predecessors, which included this catalogue cover:
Chapman & Furneaux bought the loco business of Black Hawthorn, taking over the works at Quarry Fields, Gateshead in 1896.   They produced 70 locos until they were taken over by R&W Hawthorn Leslie in 1902.

The accounts of Chapman & Furneaux are held in Tyne & Wear Archives as part of the National Archives.   They may show more about the business, and the contraction of trade in which it found itself.

North East Industries
Many Chapman & Furneaux locos were supplied to industry in the North East of England
Works plate from 0-4-0 ST Teesdale No.2,
which worked for Head Wrightson at Thornaby
CF 1158 of 1898 when new as Harton Coal Company No.7
The only new HCC loco, handsome, but with problems .....
HCC No.7 was involved in a boiler explosion at Whitburn Colliery in 1906 

HCC No.7 c1910, before sale via Frazer of Hebburn to the Pontop & Jarrow Railway in 1912
CF 1158 of 1898 in 1919 outside Springwell Bank Foot Shed (built 1829)
as No.14 on the P&JR; it was scrapped in 1923
CF 1173 of 1900 B14 at Cowpen Colliery Blyth in April 1958 
CF 1179 of 1900 (I think!) at Head Wrightson - comments welcome
See article in Picture Stockton 
CF 1193 of 1900 Lintz No.2
(from an IRS article on Lintz Colliery by Colin Mountford & Les Charlton)
Works plate from CF 1202, new to Hedworth Barium at Jarrow,
later New Cross Hands Colliery in the Gwndraeth Valley
(photo courtesy of Alan Thompson)
CF 1203 of 1901 Felling No.1 at the Felling Colliery of John Bowes & Partners
This loco later became No.7 on the P&JR
CF 1204 of 1901 Holmside No.2 at Oxhill Aug 1933; it worked at Morrison Busty
(near Tanfield) until scrapped in 1962
Works plate of Holmside No.2
CF 1212 of 1901 Roddam Dent No.2 at Middlesbrough, scrapped 1959
(This was the last loco completed by CF - photo Ted Smith, ex Facebook)

Abroad & Afar
CF 1168 of 1898, Cape Government Railway, Table Bay Harbour Board No.14 at Port Elizabeth
CF 1208 of 1901 at Port Elizabeth - there were several similar Black Hawthorn & CF locos here
CF 1172 of 1899 Phoenix at Chatterley Whitfield Colliery (Staffs) in 1953
A neat 4 wheeler, complete with elegant chimney
The final CF 1215 of 1902 Planet for the 2' 8.5" Kent cement works of Knight, Bevan & Sturge;
the loco was completed by Hudswell Clarke as their works no.631

Burry Port & Gwndraeth Valley Railway 
This carried coal from several collieries in South West Wales; it also ran public passenger services (a la Ashington & SSM&WCR).
Works photo of CF 1197 of 1900, Burry Port & Gwndraeth Valley Railway No.1, Ashburnham
(This was No.1 in a new BP&GVR numbering system - there were several locos beforehand)
The photo above heads an article on page 525 of The Engineer 23 November 1900.

Ashburnham at Neath as  GWR 2192, after the BP&GVR was absorbed into the GWR
2192 Ashburnham at Neath again - it seems to have been well photographed
2192 Ashburnham at Severn Tunnel Junction in April 1951, on its way to .....
..... Swindon Works, where it was scrapped in 1951
CF 1209 of 1901, also from the BP&GVR was a sister loco, and became GWR 2193
See CF 1204 of 1901 Holmside No.2 of similar design above

Lambourn Valley Railway 
This was a 12 mile country branch in Berkshire.
CF 1161 of 1898 Eahlswith at Newbury on the Lambourn Valley Railway in 1901
Works plate from Eahlswith
Eahlswith at Newbury again (CF 1162 of 1898 Aelfred was a sister loco on the LVR)
An original LVR carriage, used before the GWR bought the line & installed standard locos & stock
- there are similarities with TR carriages Nos. 1 & 2
CF 1161 of 1898 Eahlswith was sold to the Cambrian Railway; it became GWR 820 at Oswestry,
& was later sold to Mells Colliery in Somerset; it was scrapped in 1945
CF 1162 of 1898 Aelfred as GWR 821 after being sold to Ynisarwed Colliery South Wales; scrapped 1942

Both BP&GVR and LVR are the subjects of preservation ideas. 

There are several red links to further information in the post above, Google for more.   There is an LVR website and a souvenir LVR scrapbook for the closure in 1973.


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