Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday around the Site

George driving No.2 and the empty stock around Marley Hill curve
Heading for Sunniside
Steve returning the north end token as AW No.2 propels into Andrews House ......
..... & later, leaves for Marley Hill
Shunting on the P&JR
George & Angela at bait at AH .....
..... before leaving again for Sunniside .....
...... & returning
Steve making shims for Horden's eccentric straps
Chris tapping Horden's frames to fit lubrication pipes
Peter accepting the gift of a replica works plate for HC No.38 from Tom, with Jonny interloping
Rob the guard chatting with Angela the fireman
George & Angela coaling No.2 .....
..... before heading north past Terrace Junction .....
..... & south again, in the sun
Frances & Lynne behind the counter at Andrews House
Steve steering Cochrane's chimney as Ian lifts it from the tank
Matthew steering the tank as it is lifted to reveal more of Cochrane's boiler
(in preparation for the ten year boiler test)