Friday, 6 January 2017

Cochrane's Bank Holiday Monday

The photos below were taken by Ken Snowdon last Monday:
At the start of the day, Cochrane's inside Marley Hill shed  ......
..... & then it's gone, leaving only steam in the trusses
Twizell basking outside in the sun (note frost)
Cochrane leaves Marley Hill with its 3 carriage empty stock train of nos. 6, 5 & 9 (GN, GN & MS&L)
Later, leaving East Tanfield, on Causey West Incline
At Causey car park
Near Causey level crossing
On Causey East Incline
Passing .....
..... Terrace Junction
Approaching .....
..... Bowes Bridge
The photos above are courtesy of Ken Snowdon 


Unknown said...

Weren't the windows at Marley Hill Shed once (in recent years) bricked up?

Derek said...

Yes. The south side windows were blocked up by us about 1972. We reinstalled some windows about 2005, because we wanted more light & to improve the look of the oldest working steam loco shed. We'd install more & better windows when we refurbish the shed & roof.