Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday around Marley Hill

Callum working on Horden's reverser quadrant
Jeff machining a thread on Horden's new piton rod
Richard making a gasket for 49's main steam pipe header
Ben cleaning Cochrane's regulator handle
Will, Matthew, Harry & Alex clearing ash from the front of the shed
Logan & Oliver sorting coal from dust at Andrews House
Luke watering No.2 .....
..... & Steve helping him to coal the loco
Luke & Steve on No.2 arriving at Andrews House from Sunniside
Matthew removing & labelling Cochrane's boiler fittings
Stuart cleaning angle iron for carriage No.1
Bobby welding on No.1
Tommy cutting timber for the carriage
David cleaning the headstock
Ian grinding off the tube ends in Cochrane's firebox
Ben, Chris & Mark refitting a cylinder to a hopper waggon
Angela on the levers .....
..... to allow the train to head north
Kyle & David test fitting Horden's eccentric straps

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