Friday, 6 October 2017

New ET Carriage Shed Alignment Dig

Ian removing spoil from the alignment into the new carriage shed.
The front NW corner will be near the concrete sleeper in the left foreground.
The headshunt on which the waggons sit in the distance will be connected
through where the dumper stands to an offloading siding.
Flattening the spoil for the dumper to climb
Looking into the shed site - the SE wall will run parallel to the bay,
roughly where the low green-topped embankment lies.
We're digging down for the single trackbed inside the shed.
Tall dumper driver's eye view
The turnout for the new shed will come off the bay platform road, dead ahead.
The headshunt turnout will be moved back along the bay road towards the station.
The shed road & headshunt road will intersect on a diamond crossing.
The high level road between the headshunt & offloading siding will be on the left.


Unknown said...

As well as a new carriage shed, will there also be a new coaling and watering point?

Derek said...

Initially temporary water supply likely soon, coal possibly. 2018 timetables may show journeys as East Tanfield to Sunniside & return, although the first train may still start & the last train finish at Andrews House.

Andrew said...

What will be housed in the current carriage shed at Marley Hill, a case of getting more stock undercover?

Also, will the loco(s) have to run light to/from Marley Hill at the start / end of each operating day.

Hope the Tanfield magazine restarts soon, with news of such exciting projects.

Many thanks and best of luck with the projects.

Derek said...

It's not decided, although there's soon to be a new 50' bogie carriage in the 5 road shed.

as mentioned above, the 2018 timetable may show the second & subsequent trains starting at ET. If we start the first train at ET, light engine moves may be needed.

Sorry, the Tanfield Railway Association are best placed to comment on production of the magazine.