Saturday, 4 November 2017

RSH Huskies

Huskies are lightweight diesel mechanical locos, with torque convertor & jackshaft drive, built in the late 1950s & early 1960s by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd.

Recently, Darryl Bond emailed a couple of photos of the 3'6" gauge Husky operating on New Zealand's Oamaru Steam & Rail.
RSH 7908 of 1962 on Oamaru's scenic harbour railway
(photo courtesy of Darryl Bond)
RSH 7908 of 1962 at Oamaru - note flat running plate under the cab
(photo courtesy of Darryl Bond)
The works plate shows RSH & Bagnall as the companies merge
& with others head into ownership by EE then GEC in the 1960s
(photo courtesy of John Paul, Oamaru Steam & Rail)
RSH 7908 of 1962 in 2010 prior to its recent overhaul & repaint
(photos courtesy of John Paul, Oamaru Steam & Rail)
RSH 7863 of 1956 at Rome St gasworks, Carlisle, on 13 August 1969
More information, including use at Redheugh gasworks, on 
Gordon Edgar's Flickr site
(photo courtesy of Gordon Edgar)
RSH 7901 of 1958 at AV Dawson, Middlesbrough before renovation (photo A Jeffery)
RSH 7901 of 1958 now plinthed outside AV Dawson at Riverside Park Road, Middlesbrough
(photo Christine Johnstone)
2016 view of RSH 7900 of 1958 at AV Dawson
(Photo courtesy & copyright of Gordon Edgar)
Gordon writes "Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns 'Husky' 0-4-0 diesel mechanical (W/No.7900 of 1958) on display outside the head office of A.V.Dawson Ltd Middlesbrough on 4 April 2016.   It was one of only 15 'Husky' locos built, and was supplied to the engineering company Ashmore Benson Pease & Co Ltd - Power Gas Corporation, Stockton-on-Tees, which later became Whessoe Ltd, Stockton Works.   In November 1979 the loco was sold to Batchelor, Robinson Metals & Chemicals Ltd, Hartlepool.   Early in 1980 it was sold to Rothmans Cigarette Factory at Darlington.   In 1985 A V Dawson Ltd was contracted to collect the loco from Darlington by T. Smith & Son, Scrap Merchants, Hartlepool.   The loco was loaded and when en-route Dawson's driver Bob Harvey thought that the company may have a use for it.   The heavy haulage vehicle was then redirected to Middlesborough where the 'Husky' was bought for £800.   Dawsons used it for 24 months before it was withdrawn from service, restored externally and plinthed."

TR operates RSH 7901 of 1958, which often appears on the blog employed in civil engineering work, although it once hauled passenger trains with AW No.2 when Twizell failed.   There's a history of our Husky on the TR web.
Our Husky (RSH 7901 of 1958) taking track sections to East Tanfield yesterday
RSH 7901 of 1958 worked at British Industrial Sand Ltd, Holmethorpe, Redhill, Surrey until its jackshaft cranks sheared in the late 1980s, after which it was brought to Tanfield and repaired by colliery blacksmith Tommy Shield.
RSH 7901 of 1958 at Holmethorpe on 26 October 1984
(photo courtesy & copyright of Gordon Edgar)
RSH 7901 of 1958 at Holmethorpe on 26 October 1984
(photo courtesy & copyright of Gordon Edgar)

If anyone has more information about or photos of Huskies, please leave a comment below or email.


Derek said...

Husky RSH 7902 of 1958 was originally owned by Tees & Hartlepools Port Authority. See Industrial Diesels by AJ Booth p59, Bradford Barton 1977.

Peter said...

Do any works drawings still exist for them?