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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sunday Variety

Twizell heading out of Marley Hill with the empty stock
Matthew measuring Andrews House chimney before cutting a replacement
Jonny working on 49'a boiler fittings
Peter setting up ......
.....  to measure the run out of Horden's RH crosshead & piston rod on the slide bars
Matthew grinding the weld from the digger's dipper arm ram
Ian welding ......
...... & visually checking .....
...... before Matthew refits the ram .....
..... & gets the digger ready for use again
Steve watching for leaks on the repaired fork lift forward / reverse valve
George & Callum part-filling Twizell's bunker
The roofers are in at ANdrews House, as is a good train
Callum & George on Twizell, starting south from Andrews House
Angela setting the road .....
...... & handing the token to Tom as No.2 heads back to Marley Hill