Tuesday, 7 August 2018

ET Carriage Shed

Mainly work on the doors of the carriage shed at East Tanfield today:
Bill & Rob working on closing the gap at the side of the platform
Bill trimming a filler sheet
Dave & Steve adjusting cladding to enable fitting of a door pivot
The doors being taken outside for hinge work
Dave trimming pivots .....
..... to fit
More adjustment
Roughly aligning a top pivot
Rob cladding the small exit door
Bill & Kevin reseating a few flagstones
Dave & Steve working on each of their top pivots
Bill, Steve & Dave aligning one door ready for hinge fitting .....
..... & the other main door
Ian welding a hinge on a door frame
I'm lopping a hinge to length
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
More welding
Removing the door ......
..... for full welding of hinge straps to the frame
Rehanging with partially fitted sheeting for further test alignment

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