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Sunday, 12 January 2020

A Bright Day

George oiling Cochrane's drop links .....
..... & axleboxes
David looking back as the empty stock .....
..... is propelled into Andrews House, & George returns the token
George wants the token again as the train heads for Sunniside .....
.... & swaps it for the East Tanfield token on the way back
Passing Andrews House shop doorway on return from East Tanfield
Ben & George coaling Cochrane .....
..... before returning to their train
Cochrane leaves Andrews House ......
...... heads under Gibraltar bridge .....
...... & passes Marley Hill signalbox on the way to Sunniside
Chris working on a van door
Logan cleaning rust from Twizell's bright steel
In the workshop, Andy makes a pin for the digger
Jim watches as Tom setting up the borer .....
..... to get past a hard spot on an axlebox for HC 38
Kyle painting bits of Horden's cab
Alex cleaning inside 49's firebox
(photo courtesy of Oliver Jobson)
A view down into Marley Hill shed yard .....
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
,,,,, where HL No.2 is being steamed after a boiler washout
(photo courtesy of Alex Tyson)
Oliver raking out No.2's ashpan
(photo courtesy of Alex Tyson)

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