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Friday, 17 January 2020

Links Checked

I've checked the connections from thelinks page on this TR blog.   This page has over 300 links to websites which I've found of interest, to do with North East England, railways, people, industry, history, etc.

For example, test your knowledge with a NE quiz on the England's North East web.
Some sites have interesting historic photos, for example:
From the Railways section of Hartlepool History Then & Now 

Several sites are huge & contain well-organised & indexed entries.   An example is to use the keywords 'colliery buildings' on the Durham County Council record web
Marley Hill Colliery from the Durham CC Record web 

Other sites are very personal & detailed, such as that of John Bage who worked in a shipyard drawing office.   Such sites are very likely to disappear for reasons of finance, family, work, health etc.    John Bage's site is an historic snapshot because the web host pulled the plug at short notice. 
Tyneside's hero the champion rower

For those who'd like industry with a bit of art, follow the link to the work of Thomas Harrison Hair, who depicted NE collieries in the early 19th century, well before photography.
An engraving of Wallsend's Church Pit, after TH Hair 

Note that you can use a search engine to look for interesting things - eg Google "marley hill pit village newcastle chronicle" for a description of the pit & village in 1872.   Please let me know of any useful links which you find.

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