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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Huntley Film Archives

Today, I came across some of the work of John Huntley (1921-2003), who was, inter alia, a film historian.   He set up the Huntley Film Archives, which continue to give chargeable access to films from the last 100 years.

It is possible to search by category & phrase through films in the archive, and view full screen watermarked, usually silent, versions free of charge.   To do this, click on a film still to start viewing, but pause, right click & save, then open the saved copy in a program such as VLC (freeware).

Some examples of simplified searches by film number are:
Non stop through Newcastle Central in the 1920s - search for 1032863
Sunderland shipbuilding - search for 1049905
A story about an apprentice at Scunthorpe steelworks - search for 1030347
Corringham light railway - search for 1015194
North British loco works - search for 1014200
(Near the end, Scammell & steam tractors double head an export loco across the Clyde)
British built locos on Indian railways in the 1970s - search for 1008508

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