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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Causey Woods

A work party spent the day at Causey Arch station, in part preparation for the tercentenary replica waggonway on the original 1725 route:
Dennis & Howard removing a fence
Ryan removing the fence & Angela cutting down a tree
Dan, Tracie & Jonah clearing up
Alfie, Sean, Oliver & Alex removing growth close to the lineside
Alex cutting another sapling too close to the line
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)
Tracie & Angela loading a waggon
Richard replacing a rotten post .....
...... & refitting the Causey Arch running in board
Dennis & Howard removing a straining post intact for refitting further along
Ian Sawing off stumps
Dan, Angela, Sean & Richard pulling over a tree .....
.....with a slight alteration of using Ryan as rhe right hand anchorman .....
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)
..... which Dan & Ian saw into pieces .....
..... & Sean & Oliver load onto the waggon
Dan preparing to pull over another rotten tree which Ian is sawing down
Dan sharpening a saw
David & Dan unloading some heavier chunks at East Tanfield
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)
Ian sawing a tree which Howard & Angela are ready to pull in the right direction
David, Ryan & Angela ready to heave .....
..... as Dan saws ......
...... but then a change in direction
Loading the waggon .....
...... with cuttings
The works train has returned to Marley Hill
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)


Angela said...

Thank you to everyone who helped. Loads done today. Angela

Alfie G said...

Lots done today, certainly progress! . I look forward to the next one