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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Drainage at East Tanfield

Nigel directing Ian dropping pea gravel ......
.....which Nigel & Dave spread in the trench bottom of the foul water drain
Nigel & Dave starting the trench for the surface water drain .....
...... assisted by Ian to remove old brick work
Meanwhile, back at Marley Hill, Vic is flailing the bankside
Ian filling in some of the foul water trench
Nigel drilling into an existing manhole .....
..... & inserting the surface water drain pipe
Checking the rise of the invert level for the surface water drain
Ian adding more pipe bedding as Dave .....
..... & Nigel continue to check the level
Filling in the trench between the gates at Tanfield Lane
Starting to install the precast manhole for the foul water drain

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