Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Drains in the Sun

Steve & Nigel raising a manhole to finished ground height
Dick & Geoff digging .... fit a rodding eye to the end of a pipe run
Geoff  fetching gravel ......
..... to further bed in drains before levelling the ground
Nigel & Steve fitting the last rain water drain
Ian adding bedding for the foul water pipe run into ET station building
Dick & Geoff fetching concrete for Steve to bed in
the foul drain (which has yet to enter the building)
More pipe bedding being added
Nigel concreting a drain cover into place
Nigel & Dick mixing concrete ......
..... Geoff demonstrating how it's done - the concrete is for for more manhole rings
Ian levelling the ground around the inspection chambers .....
..... & on the car park side of ET station building

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