Did you know? Tanfield Waggonway was 4' gauge; Hawks Waggonway (Gateshead) 4'3"; Wylam Waggonway used 5' gauge; Willington Waggonway 4'8", hence Killingworth Waggonway 4'8" & from there the Stephensons' influence spread to Hetton, the S&DR, the L&MR, across Britain & the world.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday Ops, Mainly

Kyle with his birthday cake from Brenda
Richard testing the level of free oxygen in  Cochrane's water
Ethan, Andrew & David salvaging C&W fittings
Kyle the footplate trainee doubling up as crossing keeper
Dave the guard looking back as we leave Causey
Passengers milling at Causey on the way back
Kyle closing the gates behind the train, which he has to catch
Kyle watering & Steve coaling Cochrane at Andrews House
Frank weeding at Andrews House
Euan, Callum & Lewis in Pontop Canteen
Euan measuring in No.7 to check how tableware will fit
(photo courtesy of Callum Gilchrist)
Ethan cleaning AW No.2
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Alan getting ready to shunt ......
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
..... the two carriages which Ian & Angela on HL No.2 ......
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
..... are taking to add to the train
(photo courtesy of David Reed)
Cochrane bringing the six carriage train into Andrews House .....
..... banked by No.2
Mark working on a van roof
The locos have returned to Marley Hill shed.....
..... where Ian cleans out No.2's firebox .....
..... Matthew empties Cochrane's ashpan .....
..... Angela clears No.2's smokebox & Steve empties Cochrane's firebox

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