Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saturday's Running with People

Cochrane passing Bowes Bridge with the last train of the day
(photo courtesy of John Turnock)
The photos below are all courtesy of Stu Armstrong:

Signalman & hound at Andrews House
A lone passenger waits for the train
Ian clearing a drain at the trackside
Adam & Dave ......

..... the ticket collector & guard today
Alan the driver oiling & Matthew the fireman loading coal

The signalman giving a hand to water Cochrane
Another train heads under Gibraltar Bridge, bound for Sunniside
An arty shot of the signalbox
Ian getting ready .....
..... to exchange tokens with Angela
Angela checking No.8 point mechanism
At the end of the day, the signalman, driver & duty officer discuss what to do with .....
..... a party visit
The photos above are all courtesy of Stu Armstrong 

Below are a few shots of people courtesy of Angela Pickering:

Dave the guard; Matthew enjoying his first visit

Driver & fireman

Adan checking tickets; Alan the DO checking staff

Wavy Davy & an arty shot

Ian clearing the drain; Cochrane arriving at AH

Dave keeping an eye out for the train, which now has Alan driving


Alan shunting at the end of the day

Matthew disposing of Cochrane

The photos above are all courtesy of Angela Pickering 

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