Did you know? Twizell was built without electricity - the grid wasn't around in 1891!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Last Saturday's Volunteers

The photographs below were taken last Saturday by Carl Chambers:
Matthew the guard & David the driver
Ticket inspector & guard in the MS&L brake end
Arrival at ET - the daisies have gone under this week's drainage work
David changing the loop points at East Tanfield .....
..... for Luke & Chris to take Cochrane .....
..... back to a waiting audience
Sarah about to close Causey Crossing gates behind the train
At Andrews House, Chris oiling while Alan & Ian chat

Euan punching the Edmondsons
At Sunniside, Matthew & Ian chat; Luke watches as Cochrane buffers up

Sarah opening Causey Crossing
The photographs above are courtesy of Carl Chambers 

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