Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bear Sunday

The director's cut featuring fewer bears ....
Jim milling a key for Horden's reverser linkage .....
..... & fitting it
Ben polishing bits of No.2
Henry polishing cab fittings
Steve taking the empty stock out of Marley Hill with No.2
Dave sweeping the carriage shed - another endless task
Helen & Lewis setting up Pontop Canteen
TT Dave taking sequences for a forthcoming YouTube video
Walter the Bear welcoming No.2 back to Andrews House
Frank gardening
Bobby welding 49's ashpan
Peter fitting Horden's crosshead slippers
Helen & Shaun behind Pontop counter as John savours his lunch
No.2 approaching AH footbridge .....
...... passing underneath .....
..... & entering Andrews House with its train
Callum & Steve coaling No.2
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Euan & Dave setting the train away

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