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Monday, 3 July 2017

Gala Backtrack #1

The photos below are courtesy of Stu Armstrong:

Logan & Andrew watering No.21
Henry, David & Logan wait at Andrews House
No.21 being serenaded by one of the Ran Tanners 
Peter waits at Andrews House, watching .....
..... Nos 21 & 62 heading south with a passenger train
Twizell has moved forward for coal & water 
No.21 heads south with coal empties under AH footbridge ......
..... & approaches No.1 signal on the return

Alan (the Duty Officer in the floppy hat) watches Cochrane leave MH with empty stock
Twizell shunts its stock at Marley Hill; Luke on the loco, David on the ground
Lewis cleans tables in preparation for opening Pontop Canteen
Jack in the ticket box
Luke & Euan in discussion at Andrews House
Peter signals his train away from East Tanfield
Dave assists visitors
Alex helps visitors to park their cars
Jean, Chris & Lewis behind the counter at Pontop Canteen
Antony setting his train away from Sunniside
Steve & Henry have parked their loco & wait for their train to arrive at Sunnisde
Waiting at Andrews House West ......
..... & East
The photos above are courtesy of Stu Armstrong 

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