Did you know? Twizell was built without electricity - the grid wasn't around in 1891!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Thursday Mix

Peter relinquishing the token while taking the empty stock to Andrews House
Susan helping her passengers to entrain
 John selling tickets to the last passengers for the 10.30
Antony checks back as the train leaves AH
Antony & Ian on Cochrane approaching the token exchange

An exchange
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Walter making a drill gauge
Malcolm placing a buffer casting from Horden in the shot blast cabinet .....
..... which he & Peter try to work
The Ran Tanners being filmed playing at Andrews House ......
..... & entertaining an audience in carriage No.6
Dave completing the plumbing in the accessible toilet
Bill adding door furniture
Geoff cutting a mounting board for grab rails
Dave placing his paw print on Alan's birthday card
Alan's having a happy birthday, with cake
David painting the bogie carriage buffers .....
..... Harry painting the frame .....
..... & Shaun painting brake rigging
Dave had to remove a cladding sheet to drill through
 to mount a grab rail in the accessible toilet
Geoff attaching another grab rail
Dave reassembling the cladding

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