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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday Around TR

Richard refitting bolts to 49's cylinder block
Richard & Logan drilling holes in a cylinder block cover plate
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Angela working on Twizell
Ben & Logan waiting for Twizell's boiler to drain before venturing underneath
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Jim making nuts for Horden's longitudinal stays
Geoff guillotining shims for Horden's motion
Logan filling boiler water treatment
bottles with Tannins
Ben filling different boiler water treatment bottles with sodium bicarbonate powder
Oliver & Alex cleaning HL No.2
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Ian working on the new toilet drainage field ......
..... & as seen from the passing empty stock train
Frank gardening at Andrews House
Staff in Tommy Armstrong's Tea Room at East Tanfield 
Luke running Cochrane around the train at Sunniside
Peter checking his bearings .....
..... & showing his flag
Luke buffering up to the train at East Tanfield
Southbound exchange of tokens between Luke & Matthew
Luke & me on Cochrane at Andrews House
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
David manning Causey Level Crossing (cf last Sunday)
A northbound token exchange
Ben, Logan & Luke shunting No.2 & preparing to dispose of Cochrane
Logan emptying ash from Cochrane's smokebox
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)

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