Did you know? The first new coking plant following nationalisation opened in Fishburn on 18 June 1954.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Mainly Fitting Panels

Annual fire extinguisher check
Richard & Antony fitting 49's cladding
At East Tanfield, Steve, Dave & Ian sling & move track panels retrieved some years ago after our use on Causey East Incline, & originally WWI from BG at Cocklakes
Swinging the muscleman out of the way
Moving panels off the bogie which had been used to fetch them .....
..... one four ton section at a time ......
..... onto a temporary stack
The first panel being dragged into the carriage shed .....
..... & pushed towards the buffer stop
Steve, Kevin & Dave haul the bogie back as Ian lifts the track
Another panel being reloaded .....
..... & bowled into the shed
Hauling the bogie out along the temporary bull head runway
Steve fishplating the 85lb FB rails ......
..... & Dave doing the same
Retrieving the temporary runway from under the track
(There's still a closure section needed at the doorway)

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