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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

More East Tanfield Work

Trevor & Steve anchoring formers
Trevor & Kevin insert a sealing strip while Ian adjusts scaffolding
Nigel & Bill extending the platform
Steve & Trevor collecting bricks
Bill & Nigel mixing mortar
Geoff adjusting screws for window shutters
The concrete has arrived
Shovelling into the first former .....
...... & the second
Trevor & Kevin inserting reinforcing mesh
Each former contains 1 cubic metre, ie about 2.4 tonnes of concrete
Kevin vibrating air out of the concrete
Geoff cleaning the dumper
Steve levelling the platform edge ......
..... & the rear counterbalance
Geoff, Dave & George making a set of steps at the end of the shed
George making a riser
Some of today's concrete forms a foundation for the platform extension
The platform will extend to the end of the station building
Steve cutting reinforcement for later use

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