Did you know? In 1886 Durham coal owners forced the NER to give them a direct route to the Tyne at Dunston, avoiding the bottleneck at Tyne Dock.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday Again

Richard working on 49's regulator stuffing box ......
..... & the valve in the dome .....
...... with Peter giving a hand in the cab .....
..... & in the dome
Callum, me & David moving furniture back to Andrews House after the music event
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Callum on AW No.2 doing a big shunt under Dave's direction
Something's going on .....
..... & here it is!
Susan planting
Twizell & No.2 at Andrews House heading for Tanfield, past a photo shoot
Dave gets ready to wave a flag at Causey
David bringing the train into East Tanfield bay, past Steve & Jonny  watching from Twizell
Steve & Ian swapping tokens
Frank gardening at Andrews House
Steve doing arboreal trimming at Causey
View from another train heading into East Tanfield bay
Ben & David at Causey Level Crossing
Stuart painting the woodwork shop doors
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Colin & Sarah in the carriage hired today for members of the Tanfield Railway Association 
Alex & Tyler sorting coal from dust
Twizell heading for Sunniside
Another angle on AW No.2 bringing the train into East Tanfield bay
Jonny & Ian swap tokens for today's last train

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