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Monday, 19 August 2019

Monday Mix

Ian mowing Marley Hill lawn
Wellington's had its tank added, ready to go off site for restoration
Malcolm refitting studs to Horden's dome
Dennis cleaning tube ends .....
..... for Richard to slide into Horden's smokebox tubeplate .....
..... with Peter guiding the ends into the firebox tubeplate
Richard using a windy tool & tapered rollers to expand tube ends in the firebox tubeplate
Mick painting truss gussets
Alex painting purlin brackets
Ian going to fit another pair of temporary ridge purlins
Ian welding brackets to truss feet
Malcolm fitting a new hose to AH water tank


Final Approach Newcastle said...

Can I ask why Wellington is going off site for restoration and where too.

TRBlogMaster said...

Sorry, like many items on site Wellington is privately owned, so I should not answer publicly.

Final Approach Newcastle said...

Not a problem and I hope she returns.