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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Up On the Roof

Dave adding pieces to the SE side of Marley Hill shed roof
Ian working on a ladder tied over the ridge .....
..... assisted by Steve in the cherry picker
Screwing sheets to the purlins
These are the original 30 year old sheets, which we intend as a temporary measure
The underlying trusses, purlins & fastenings were the problem, & are being permanently renewed

We have made & positioned copies of the 1930s trusses, rather than guess the 1850s originals
Steve .....
..... Ian .....
..... & Dave at work on different levels
The view from below .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
..... with me assisting
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Ian cutting truss parts
Steve loading more sheets
Dave finishing off around the chimney
Bill & Trevor painting truss parts
Rob, Dave & Ian assembling a scaffold tower from which to access the eaves brickwork
Ian & Rob preparing to lift more sheets for the NW side of the shed
Work ongoing on the NW side of the roof .....
..... beyond & around the chimney
The front half of the roof at the end of the day
Ian, Rob & Dave loading more sheets
Dave cutting pieces to finish the front half of the NW side

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