Did you know?   Marley Hill Colliery opened & closed twice, so we have two railways at Marley Hill.   From the early 1700s until closure in 1815 the Tanfield Waggonway conveyed its coal.   Reopened in 1841 & closed in 1983, the Bowes Railway carried its produce.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Today's Work at Marley Hill

Eric, Dave, Malcolm & the waggon driver handling picnic tables from Andrews House
- where new tables funded by the Tanfield Railway Association have been installed
Ian cutting more gussets ......
..... for roof trusses
Mick breaking off a gusset .....
..... & grinding the edges
Jim using manual methods to clean the edges .....
...... & drilling plates to a template
Looks like Malcolm & Eric are making a xylophone .....
..... but they're painting straps for temporary top purlins, yet to be installed
I've fitted a few sheets to the south side of the shed roof

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