Did you know?   Marley Hill Colliery opened & closed twice, so we have two railways at Marley Hill.   From the early 1700s until closure in 1815 the Tanfield Waggonway conveyed its coal.   Reopened in 1841 & closed in 1983, the Bowes Railway carried its produce.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

More Shed Roof Work

Ian attaching the temporary purlins to the ridge
Colin passing a short sheet to Callum
for Dave & Steve to fit over the eaves
Ian cutting the picnid area .....
..... & an area alongside the 5 road shed
Alfie & Callum weeding the yard
Dave, Colin & Steve .....
..... cutting roof sheets for easier handling & reuse
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)
Ian & Alfie mixing mortar .....
..... with which Dave fixes the purlin ends in the front gable
(photo courtesy of Alfie Gascoigne)
Ian extending the ridge while Dave & Ian work on purlin ends
Close up of Ian & Dave .....
..... & Ian at work
Alfie mixing a small amount of mortar

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