Sunday, 20 October 2019

A Wet Sunday

Jonny & David watch as Cochrane shunts Marley Hill shed at the start of the day
Jim & Tom discuss HC No.38's axlebox bearings
Paul helping to remove 49's firebars prior to firebox inspection
Antony looking back as Richard starts Cochrane from Andrews House
Andy & Frank cleaning the cobbled path at Andrews House
Angela cleaning Twizell's boiler plugs
Alex cleaning the pit prior to boiler inspections
Tom cleaning inside HL No.2's firebox ready for inspection
David rubbing down paintwork inside Horden's cab
Jim drilling Horden's chimney seating ring .....
..... which Jim & Chris look to fit
Ian cleaning Twizell's tubes
Jim & Andy using the magnetic drill on Horden's smokebox
Tom cleaning No.2's front tubeplate
Jonny & Steve working on the Fowler
Jonny working on the air pump & Steve on water

Guy filling in the signalbox log
Alex & Antony have watered Cochrane
Chris returning Cochrane to the train
Dan with his flag
Alex & Alfie sifting dust from coal
Token exchange in the drizzle, viewed from Gibraltar Bridge
Oliver cleaning Cochrane's smokebox
in Marley Hill shed at the end of the day
(photo courtesy of Alex Tyson)

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