Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Shed Shuffle

Ian slinging a truss for Ian .....
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
..... while relocating the new trusses to the other side of the shed
Moving Horden's boiler from one road .....
..... to the other
Steve & Bill lending a hand to Ian on the  digger
Locos going back into the shed to facilitate cold boiler inspections later this week
Rob repairing a table to use as a workbench
Dave & Colin fitting a door
(rh photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)

Colin & Dave fitting wall board .....

..... which Rob trims to suit
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Mick continues to clean the shed
Bill clearing a corner .....
..... to get the tower in place for working on the eaves
Ian taking coal to Andrews House
Alex preparing Twizell for the Run It Weekend
Ian fitting a temporary purlin
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Ian & Mick loading another purlin ......
..... to be fitted by Ian & Steve
Fitting purlins in the gap on the other side of the shed

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