Sunday, 13 October 2019

Sunday Running

Oliver cleaning 49 outside Marley Hill shed this morning
Callum & Jonny on No,2 with a short goods train .....
..... with Andrew & Henry at the back
Ben watching as Twizell heads back into a misty Marley Hill
Steve on Twizell & Tom on 49 propelling empty stock into Andrews House .....
..... then taking the passenger train to Sunniside
Luke & Stewart bringing a two carriage train into Andrews House, with David looking out at the back
Jonny's back with his short goods train .....
..... still followed by Andrew & Matthew .....
..... & propelling the train into Marley Hill
Cochrane's repaired & ready
Steve oiling Twizell's cylinders .....
..... while Ben & Chris attend to water
Tommy & Aidan serving in Andrews House tearoom
Dennis chatting & checking tickets
Twizell passes under Gibraltar Bridge .....
..... with Steve looking for the token
Callum & Jonny are back, this time on a mixed train .....
..... with George on the back, relinquishing the token
Ben's George's fireman
David keeping an eye on his train as it leaves AH & Twizell taking water
AW No.2 shunting in Marley Hill
Mark watching as George looks for the token
Dan's developing a flag style
49 arrives at Andrews House with Cochrane hiding behind

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