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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Mick tidying up the stocking ground
Kevin working on a door lock
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Nigel & Geoff fetching a sheet .....
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
..... for Ian to drag onto the roof .....
..... & Ian to fix into place
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)
Steve adding a piece at the base to overlap the wall
Steve, Ian & Ian pushing a sheet into position ......
..... & screwing down
Steve, Ian, Nigel, Geoff & Bill lifting today's last sheet on this side .....
..... before moving to the other side of the shed
More positioning & fastening
A view from above .....
..... & below
Short pieces are need to cover the wall .....
..... because the main sheets are being fixed to the ridge, whereas they formerly went to the lantern
(photo courtesy of Bill Thain)

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