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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

East Tanfield Continues

Dennis manning Causey gates .....
..... & barring a timber into place watched by Ian & Steve
George & Geoff keying
George, Geoff, Dennis & Steve placing a timber ......
....... & fixing down to gauge
The shed steelwork has arrived .....
..... & been unloaded
Steve & George fishplating a CS1 90 lb panel to the 95 lb on timber
Geoff turning a chair screw .....
..... while Ian repairs & tests the impact wrench
Steve takes over
Dennis placing more timber under the crossing leading up to the headshunt .....
..... on the alignment of which Ian sets out CS1s
David & Geoff fishplating the road to the carriage shed
George gives a hand to key the length
Ian improving the plant access ramp down to the shed area
David flagging us through Causey crossing on the return

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