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Thursday, 15 February 2018

East Tanfield, Mainly

Clive & Peter working on Horden's regulator
Malcolm fitting retaining pins on Horden
Rob signalling the works loco through Causey Crossing
Jonny, Dave & Rob .....
..... securing a curved closure rail .....
..... to the hardwood timbers
Rob & Steve fitting fishplates ......
..... & keys
Ian cutting hardwood packing blocks .....
..... & adjusting timbers under the diamond crossing
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
I'm cutting a closure rail to length
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Steve drilling the rail end
The team fixing another curved closure rail
Rob & David .....
..... & the rest of the team fixing the parallel rail to gauge
More rail drilling by Steve
Jonny & David turn .....
..... a faulty rail out of the chairs
Jonny fastening down the replacement rail

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