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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday Stuff

Jonny using a samson to move Horden's frames & reposition its side rods, for inserting pins
Jim machining parts for Horden's draw gear
Work progressing on Horden's tube holes
Steve working on sheet metal for the TDE crane roof
Ben taking care of HL No.2, the standby loco for today
AW No.2 & TIC No.35 wait at Andrews House
Ryan waits for David & Susan to pass before swapping tokens with Antony
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)

TIC No.35 arrives at Andrews House, where Tommy the travelling ticket inspector waits .....
..... to get to grips with his task
Susan waves
Children being shown into cabs at East Tanfield
Jack & Sonia behind the counter in Tommy Armstrong's tea room
A train arrives at East Tanfield
Meanwhile Logan, (Alex & Oliver), Luke & Ben shovel rubble from the platform cess into the four foot
Another train arrives at East Tanfield .....
..... while Alex, Luke, Will, Ben, Logan & Oliver continue to shovel rubble
David enjoying being the driver of No.35 at Causey
No.2 shunts the carriages away at the end of the day

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