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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Some Sunday Shots

Outside Marley Hill shed this morning, Ben & Henry clean Twizell's wheels
East Tanfield tea room staff chat
Matthew & Chris pose on Twizell
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Chris heading for & returning from Sunniside on Twizell
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)

Twizell entering Andrews House with its mixed train
Chris checking back during an unscheduled stop
At Causey, Euan flags the train away
Passengers alight at East Tanfield
Jack & Helen in Tommy Armstrong's
Ian bringing ballast into the shed area as Oliver, Oliver & others tidy ballast .....
..... between sleepers in the bay & passengers watch Twizell run round its train
Logan & Sean nearer the buffer stop tea room
In Marley Hill carriage shed, Ben & Tommy work on the fish van
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)

Callum & Mark working on the plywood van
(photo courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Back at East Tanfield, Matthew looks rearwards .....
..... as Twizell departs
Dennis encouraging Oliver, Will & Logan .....
..... in aligning CS1s on the road into the new carriage shed
Oliver, Dennis & Logan keying
Ian handing the token to Matthew as Twizell backs onto the last train of the day
At Andrews House, Frank tidies as the train arrives
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)

The crew chat at Andrews House after returning with an unscheduled goods ......
..... before the final departure of the day

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