Did you know? In 1886 Durham coal owners forced the NER to give them a direct route to the Tyne at Dunston, avoiding the bottleneck at Tyne Dock.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

East Tanfield Development

Inserting one of the baseplates (drilled yesterday) under a crossing nose .....
..... & barring the other one under its nose
Dennis screwing down one end of the curved closure .....
..... while I cut the other to length
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Steve drilling the end .....
..... then Rob & Dave fit fishplates
Two cherry pickers & a fork lift have arrived for erection of steelwork, which is due for delivery
Screwing down a crossing nose .....
...... & preparing the other
Dave & Steve keying
Dennis adding a short check rail .....
..... & fishplating it to an existing section
Adding more check chairs
Rob removing old ferrules
Ian spreading & levelling ballast
Steve & Dennis dropping in another check rail
Starting to connect the crossing to the curve into the carriage shed
In order to tie sections together, this CS1 ....
..... is being replaced ......
..... with timber
A semi aerial view of the work site
(photo courtesy of Ian Cowan)
Dennis manning the crossing for the returning works loco

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